PVC Halls, metal structures

We are making different types of metal structures for construction companies and also for individuals. PVC Halls to the sizes desired by the customer.

Forestry equipment

We are making different types of Harvesters trailers, log trailers and different types of attachments.

Special metal welding

We are producing aluminium railings and different types of  custom work.

PVC Halls 

Forestry equipment

Building race cars and rollcages

Containers and trailers

Welcome to Oras Metal website!

Oras MetallOras Metal LLC started business in 2014, but already has a wide range of customers (commercial and private). Market was in need of a company that is specialized in high-quality metal welding supply and developing specific solutions – we find solutions to our customers wishes and give consultations in order to reach the best possible solution for the customer. Most of the work we do today is all custom made according to customers orders.

Today we are working on all kinds of custom works: we manufacture metal constructions for construction companies, manufacturing of aluminium components, arched halls, greenhouses, sauna stoves, grills, construction or restoration of central heating systems, construction / restoration of rally cars, man at the object and much more.

We are grateful for our great customers and we will continue to work in the same spirit – that more and more customers will find solutions according to their wishes!

The machine park offers diverse opportunities for metal works:

Welding – speciality metals welding (TIG), electrode welding, MIG welding
◾Plasma cutting
◾Sheet metal bending
◾Metal cutting – guillotine, band saw

Please feel free to contact us and lets develop a complete solution to your idea!